this is a short Rundgang info from the first meeting of Rundgang AG:

Opening at Kurzbauergasse (not Schillerplatz this year) on Thu.18.01.16h

Opening hours general
              Thu. 18.01.2024 16h-24h
              Fri. 19.01.2024 11h-22h
              Sat. 20.01.2024 13h-22h
              Sun. 21.01.2024 13h-18h
Dates for events and exhibitions should be sent by 18.12.2023 to Linda Klösel. Important data for this: location: building and room number, 
time, content of the event, institute, department, workshop

Only information from instructors will be accepted. Students cannot communicate directly with Linda Klösel.
Diploma theses of the IBK are shown at Eschenbachgasse. Diploma students can register for this room with Philip Patkowitsch.
An exhibition room is being built in the Aula. During the tour, works by scholarship holders will be shown there. A project in cooperation between the Academy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the future, the exhibition room will be available to the IBK, among others.
The auction will take place online again.
At the moment the Rundgang poster competition is taking place again. Students can submit designs./ see homepage
Application deadline: October 10 to November 14, 2023, 11:00h
Link for uploading the designs
Regards, Ruby